Amanda Nedham

eBay Sarcophagus, or, I love you this much, $14,911.18 (2017)
False Dawn (2016)
My Boyfriend is a Peacekeeper: Sculpture (2016)
My Boyfriend is a Peacekeeper: Installation (2016)
My Boyfriend is a Peacekeeper: Drawings (2016)
I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere, man. (2015)
Killers & Killer Whales (2015)
a dog is short a car is long (2015)
The Sponge, the Cross, the Cloth, the Hairs (2014)
Q: Are you an undertaker? A: No Q: Are you a service provider? A: Yes (2014)
Untitled (2014)
Half of Less Than Ten (2012)
What Right Has My Head to Call Itself Me (2011)
Like Milk & Blood (2010)
A Hunger Artist (2010)
Baroque Banal (2010)
Generals Always Die in Bed (2010)
Tapping the Admiral (2009)
The Whaleship Was My Harvard & My Yale (2009)
And the Day is a Wounded Boy (2009)
History of Violence (2008)
Commissions (2011-present)
Archive (2007-2008)